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Grimm Tales of Terror No. 7 Vol 4: Polybius

Writer: Ralph Tedesco

Artist: J.G. Miranda

Letterer: Pablo Amelia

Publisher: Zenescope

Synopsis:  Donnie has had a life of success. After wrecking his car on an Oregon highway, Donnie finds himself in a convenience store not far from where he grew up.  In the store he meets a game he hasn’t played since 1983 and a return to the haunting memories that have followed him.

Review: Polybius is an urban legend that one of my children loves talking about. This is why it really caught my interest to read this take on  the story. This version really brought this legend to life in a morbid kind of way. Not only in the story itself, but in the detail of Donnie’s memories that surround the summer of 1983 and its aftermath...

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Bonehead vol 1

It’s a well-known fact that street gangs all know martial arts and/or a highly choreographed dance scene. In the future that’s no different, except they also all do parkour and are cybernetically enhanced. Welcome to the future. Welcome to Bonehead.

Bonehead was created by Rajaya Yogaswara, aka Machine56, as an art/fashion project, creating these bonehead helmets and some amazing clothing. Years later The Bonehead Project got another kick with Image Comics’ Bonehead comic. Written by Bryan Edward Hill, with art by Rhoald Marcellius, and colors by Sakti Yuwono, Bonehead vol 1 collects the four issues that were released.

There is no origin story here, we get dropped right into the action as “56” chases down a specific drone amidst a rush of drones, all flying above the skyscrapers of a futu...

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Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: Chase the Moon


Chase the Moon is the bastard child of West Side Story’s romance, the often violent and stylized world of The Warriors, and the horror sensibilities of The Monster Squad. It’s a perfect fit for readers looking for 1980’s nostalgia tinged with both the macabre and beautiful.

This sounds absolutely smashing and something that the comic universe needs. I mean…West Side Story, The Warriors, and The Monster Squad all rolled into one? Get your mouse buttons ready and go pledge to make this one happen!

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Created by Chris-Cliff-Reichard

Pencils by Karly Engracia

Ink by Vincent Alcantra

Colouring by Davi Comodo

THE DEAL: The Apocalypse is here. Demons erupt from the depths, tearing civilization into tatters. Money, work, politics – these things seem laughably trite when abominations are eating your friends as an appetizer and you’re the main course. But there’s good news – in the midst of Hell’s emergence on Earth, they arrive: the Four of legend, horses and all … and they’re our only hope.

THE GOOD: Angels Of Hell wastes no time sinking its teeth into the story; the end has come, we’re all screwed, grab your bug-out bag and hit the bricks. Why? It doesn’t matter! Have you seen outside? Diving right into the action keeps the reader focused on the page, rooting for characters, rather than ...

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Written by: Stuart Moore

Pencils by: June Brigman

Inks by: Roy Richardson

Colors by: Veronica Gandini

Lettering by: Richard Starkings and Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt

This issue we follow some more of the secondary characters one of which is a large furry feline named Mittens, who is a gruff behemoth of a cat, with a terrible CATtitude! He is sent by the titular character to do the absolute worst job on the ship! I’m not going to spoil what job that is, but if you ever owned a cat or multiple cats before, you know what that job is. they also deal with a bit of an overpopulation problem on the ship which I thought was biting commentary on some real-world problems...

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