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Writer:          Rob Wolinsky

Artist:            Nicolo Arcuti

Colors:           Francesco Franciuus Farabi

Letters:          Micah Meyers



Presidents play golf. That’s what they do when they are not working on policy, running the free world, or managing their political career. That’s what they do, right?  Well that’s what everyone thinks they do. It’s what we see on the news. But is that really what they do in their spare time?

President Theodore Voyage doesn’t particularly like golf. No, he would rather spend his free time pursuing his favorite pastime: murder.

Reading this book was a mixed blessing from beginning to end...

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Written by Greg Weisman

Art by Christopher Jones

Color by Kelly Fitzpatrick

Letters by Wes Abbott

THE DEAL: I’m going to preface this by warning folks that if you’re an avid DC fan, I’m not the reviewer for you. I’m a comic lover, but I’m not particularly enthusiastic about either of the Big Two. With that out of the way…

Young Justice: Outsiders brings together the scions of the League’s foremost champions: Batgirl, Superboy, Miss Martian … and of course, the ever-present Beast Boy. Together, they fight evil wherever it rears its exposed brain, while working through the challenges that come with being normal hormonal teenagers who hang out on an asteroid and wear spandex every moment of their lives.

THE GOOD: Something I look for in all my comic art is facial expression, and that’s some...

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Bust #1


Bust issue 1 cover

When this black and white turned up in my inbox I was thrilled to read a second comic about a fighter. I tell you I am so sick of vampire and zombie comics. Then I start reading.

At least it is still about a guy that’s a street fighter brought to life by award winning author Dave Cook. This is Dave and Chris’ first comic and they have come a long way since 2015.

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The Trials and Tribulations of Miss Tilney #3

Writer: David Doub

Artist:Irene Koh

Letterer: Joamette Gil

Publisher: Dusk Publishing

Synopsis: The third in a trilogy that rounds out the story of the framing of Lord Harwood and the tiger attack on Miss Tilney. This one will leave you saying, “Wow! Did that just happen?”

Review: These stories are always fun and I look forward to seeing more about the adventures of Miss Tilney and Lord Harwood. I had to re-read a few parts twice with a — “Did I just see… Yes, I did” double take. As much as I enjoy the graphics and the look of beautiful Miss Tilney, I especially enjoy the story snippets that tell the reader a little more about the adventures that Lord Harwood has experienced...

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Marvel Action: Avengers #1

We here at Geekorama rarely review Marvel comics. That’s not an indication of support or lack thereof, it’s just the way the business goes. So when Marvel Action: Avengers came into my review queue I was curious and a bit confused. Why is there an IDW watermark on this file? The short version is that Marvel hasn’t really done many actual COMICS targeted at younger demographics for some time. IDW, meanwhile, has a great stable of talent that does it exceedingly well. Basically, Marvel shopped it out. That works.

Being aimed at the 8-12 year old market could be a disaster, so I was pleasantly surprised...

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