Capture Creatures 1

Over a hundred wonderful and terrifying creatures have
suddenly appeared on earth. Two teens investigate the origins of these curious
creatures and how they can stop those who are trying to destroy them.
Anyone who at least half
pays attention to the world around them has at least heard about things like
Pokemon.  Although I personally have no
interest in them, I can say I’m at least aware. 
And although I may not be a fan per se, I can appreciate certain things
like character designs.  Having at least
that mild interest, I was curious to see what we’d get out of the first issue
of Capture Creatures.
From what I can tell, this new series is based off the
ongoing index of creatures that Becky Dreistadt and Frank Gibson having been
amassing for some time now.  The majority
of this launch issue spends its time introducing us to people who I presume
will be recurring characters in the story. 
There isn’t much to say about them, with it just giving us an oversight
of their average day.  Once we near the
end though, we finally get to see the first of the strange creatures.
This wonderfully fun new book is accompanied by equally fun
and sickeningly cute artwork.  Dreistadt
does a fantastic job with her hand painted style illustrating the story.  While the super cartoony look may not be up
everyone’s alley, you really can’t help but love it.  The characters designs and of course the
briefly introduced “capture creature” are all really adorable.
While I may be one of the only people who can’t sing the
Pokemon theme song, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a book like this.  The entertaining story and delightful artwork
are enough to have kept my attention to the end.  As you would think, fans of Pokemon and the
like will definitely enjoy this, and even those like myself who aren’t will
still enjoy it if you pick it up.
For more on Capture Creatures or other Boom titles, check
out Boom! Studios.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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