Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel 2019
I’m old enough to have read a few versions of Captain Marvel, so I tried to go in with an open mind about what this might bring to the table.

I’m glad I did.

All the familiar elements are there. The Kree and Skrull are fighting. SHIELD is stuck in the middle, trying to figure things out. We get to see the earlier versions of a few (now) staples of the MCU and perhaps some insights into their contemporary versions.

But how did it do?

Before we answer that, I think we need to ask a more important question…

Who was this for?

Was this movie really for ME? Was it for someone who grew up with the various incarnations of Marvel/Mar-Vell/etc in the comics? …or is this movie for the kids growing up today in the MCU?

My 11yo says very much the latter. In the last few years she’s seen almost every MCU movie and she has been very much looking forward to Captain Marvel. She hid behind her hands when it got scary. She laughed out loud when it was funny. She jumped out of her seat when the…yeah, no spoilers.

Suffice to say, she wants to see it again…and again. She loved it. She Flerken loved it.

…and I have to say, I agree with her. If I wasn’t already a fan of Brie Larson, this movie would do it for me. I’m looking forward to seeing what she brings to Endgame.

Is Captain Marvel perfect? Nope, not at all. For all the great 1990’s nods and the excellent soundtrack, there are a few slow spots that had us wondering when things were going to get moving again. There were a few flashback points where I wondered if I missed a time-travel reference, but if you keep watching, most of those get ironed out.

In short, it hit all the right notes for an MCU movie. Action – check. Humour – check. Depth of character – check. Maintains the continuity – check.

I’m going to give it a solid 1990’s 9/10 for doing almost everything right, and only missing a few things in the editing.

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