Captain Marvel – the official movie special


Marvel’s Captain Marvel the official movie special, published by Titan… wait. Marvel doesn’t print these things? If you are excited by the movie, by all means rush out and collect this book!

Captain Marvel – the official movie special
Edited by Jonathon Wilkins
Contributions by Nick Jones

This is a yearbook for the crew of the movie made to service themselves. Apart from a pile of tiny magazine paragraphs and behind the scenes photos, there isn’t much about the movie itself. 

Editor Jonathon Wilkins did not get the damage control memo. Or did he?

The table of contents looks like this.

  • Directing Captain Marvel, swagger, she has swagger.
  • Writing Captain Marvel
  • The Cast
  • Production Design
  • Stunts, which is there to talk up Larson’s dedication and NO CATS WERE HARMED IN MAKING THIS MOVIE
  • Costumes, oh it’s so hard when there is existing work to look at…
  • Kevin Feige, as president of Marvel Studio avoids directly answering any question but tells us many times he’s been around 17 years. Oh, I forgot, Carol Danvers is human. That covers it.

And finally, what should have been page 1, unless they are distancing him from everything else in the book

  • Stan Lee’s tribute spread. 

Feige can’t get over the fact that Captain Marvel is the most important comic character at Marvel. But that’s not entirely true. Captain Marvel, the Kree superhero, never really got much shelf time. I’m betting Ms. Marvel in the 90’s did better, but Warbird I don’t even recall. The Movie Special narratively forgets that the Kree-Skrull war was a heavy addition to Fantastic Four, Hulk, and several Avenger titles. But Feige does point out he has been at Marvel 17 years.

Add to that almost every photo from the movie is the same unflattering pose of Brie Larson. 

No deep dive into characters. It’s a yearbook.

In plain English, if you get suckered into one of these go look at how Starlog did them. Explain who the characters are. Explain the universe, the time frame, the politics, and dive deep into characters and settings. Finally never show the cast and crew being self congratulatory. You want to connect the story and the customer making it important on a personal level.

My take is this volume it’s a required but forgettable collector piece. The cynic in me thinks “Yeah this is damage control. Career damage control.” It will not make you love Captain Marvel more. The Movie Special does not show you how they did all the practical, er, CGI cartoons. As long-winded as the pamphlet is it doesn’t really consider Captain Marvel to be special. I defy you to find within the covers a panel of art from Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, or the classic fight with Rogue.

It is not the Art of Star Wars. But you will get to know that the cast and crew are dedicated.

I give it 3 Cats out of 5 that were not harmed making the movie.
You can find it at your local comic shop. Titan will make it available online in a few days. You can also go to Amazon.

Lonnie Webb

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.


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