Brian’s Skullgirl Tee Wins Contest! Check it Out!

Summer is quickly approaching, and you’re probably are in need
of some new T-shirts right?  Lucky for
you, a brand new shirt, designed by yours truly, just hit the market!  In partnership with Eighty Sixed Clothing and
the hot 2D fighting game Skullgirls, the “Icons” shirt is available until May
This shirt was brought to life after being informed of the
ongoing Salty Cupcakes Tournament.  Mike
Z, creator of Skullgirls, announced that each Thursday, a new fan made
Skullgirls shirt would be released.  Like
other limited edition T-shirts you find online, these would only be around for
that limited window before disappearing forever.  The opportunity was one I could not pass up
with my passion for minimalist graphic designs and my love of Skullgirls  Thanks to the creative team at Eighty Sixed,
mine was chosen this past Thursday.
For those that don’t know about Skullgirls, it’s a pretty
amazing game.  With gameplay style more
geared towards old school Capcom fighters and fantastic art designs, it’s one
that everyone should experience.  One
aspect of the project that I love most is all the community driven (and funded)
new content that is being added.  With
more characters, a soundtrack, and continual improvement on the game, it’s
something worth getting behind.
So get your gaming shirt on and follow the link below to grab
one while you can!  Remember, after May
9th, it’s being taken down and replaced by the next design!
For the best information on Skullgirls, check out Skull
Heart Forums
For more information on the Salty Cupcakes Tournament, check
out Eighty Sixed News
For more information on my artwork, check out Gotrei on Deviantart

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