Book of Death: The Fall of Bloodshot

The lovers he’s known, the allies he’s trusted… All will eventually return to dust… But will the nanites that transformed Bloodshot – body, mind and soul – ever let him truly rest? For the very first time, read an essential chapter of the Book of the Geomancer as Project Rising Spirit’s ultimate walking weapon soldiers on from the modern day into the far future of the Valiant Universe…and reveals the truth behind the very last Bloodshot story that will ever come to pass…

Don’t miss the never-before-revealed story of Bloodshot’s final adventures as BOOK OF DEATH foretells the devastating fate of Valiant’s unrelenting soldier…from now to a thousand years hence…

Jeff Lemire
Doug Braithwaite
Valiant Entertainment

I have to give Valiant this; they subverted my expectations for this one shot. Despite all the hype, the cover which takes a ‘going down in a blaze of bullets’ approach, The Fall of Bloodshot is actually quite a sombre comic. It asks the question, what happens to a man who is almost immortal?

In tone it resembles Hulk: The End quite a bit, as Bloodshot recalls his wanders in the universe, watching as humanity cyclically rises and falls through the ages, his only companions the longer lived heroes and villains of the Valiant Universe and those mortals he spends a few short decades with.

It also, to a degree, plays with the nature of summer events themselves. There are always new world ending events rising and falling and it is only we, the reader, who get to experience them all as they flash by, claiming characters we cared about and ending story arcs before they properly began. Even if The Fall of Bloodshot undercuts the entire Book of Death series itself (and in itself Valiant’s serious all the time attitude) it makes it more interesting for that.

Is it something you need to pick up? I’m not really sure it is. As a one shot comic, and one that has nothing to do with the event itself, it’s relevance is minimal. As an end to the character himself? It’s probably not a great send off for those fans who have been following him for years, even if it does tie into the feel of the currently running series.

Which means, I have to recommend it as a character piece. It’s not one of the greats, but for a muscle bound 90’s anti-hero who epitomised everything I hate about the comic’s industry at one point, the comic is a good re-contextualising of Bloodshot.

Book of Death: The Fall of Bloodshot is available from Valiant Entertainment

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