Book Of Death: Legends Of The Geomancer #3

Out of the pages of BOOK OF DEATH, the genesis of the very first Geomancer and the sacred pact that swore them to the service of the Earth can finally be told…but, with it too, the source of the divine mysteries that have haunted their line for centuries. Has their mission redeemed or corrupted the world that followed in their wake…and will the ultimate secrets of the Geomancers’ book doom us all in the end?

Fred Van Lente
Juan Jose Ryp
Valiant Entertainment

Whereas this month’s central Book of Death series has been a bit of a disappointment due to a simple plot that has little embellishment due to a lack of tension, Legends of the Geomancer takes what could be problems and makes them a strength. Combine this with bloody artwork that is so energetic as to make the violence fun, you have a winner.

The key central reason I think this series works so well is due to the masterful control of tone by the creative team. Fred Van Lente constantly escalates the events of the book, yet because of the writing (which is consistent enough that any knowing winks or bizarre plot developments feel natural) I never felt that any of the events were out of place in the world of the book.

There’s also a sense of glee at the silly events which is hard to ignore and conveyed over to me the same feeling, as Lente delivers events such as the pulverising of giants from history with a nod and a wink. It’s one that nonetheless has respects the characters enough that whatever happens to them, it all matches their own motivations.

Ryp’s art match the tone by keeping the colours vibrant throughout, them popping off the page to deliver panels where everything always feels like it is in place, but just heightened enough above reality for it not to be a problem.

In conclusion, this is the most fun I’ve had with a ‘superhero’ comic book series for a long time. I hope it comes out in a collected edition so more people can discover its greatness.

Images courtesy of Valiant Entertainment.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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