Bloodshot Reborn #6

Bloodshot is on the hunt. Determined to stop the violent reign of terror that plagues Colorado, Bloodshot journeys across the Rocky Mountains to destroy the remaining nanites that have caused mass murderers to spring up across the state. But will the drugs, booze, and insane visions rattling around his head put an end to his journey before it begins?

Jeff Lemire
Butch Guice
Valiant Entertainment

After the hallucinogenic last issue, Bloodshot Reborn takes a breath for some downtime, dedicating itself to establishing the dynamic between the lead and his accidental companion Magic and their pursuers Agent Hoyt and Festival.

It speaks a lot to Jeff Lemire’s skills that this quiet issue works so well, being more about small character beats than exciting action.

After such an overwhelming trip, the rest period is well earned. After several issues of being a mopey sod, we get to see Bloodshot finally interact with people in a way that displays a level of charm and humility. It adds dimensions to the character and instead of making you just care about what will happen next, you care about what will happen to him as a person next.

Guice’s art fits in well with the tone established for the series, the colours of the issue being allowed to out seep out in scenes set in diners or motel room, creating a warm, woozy feeling. That warmth permeates the issue, even as it drains away as day sets and the terror of night brings with it return to reality.

There really is a lot to admire in this series. My only real complaint would be the character of Magic who seems underwritten heavily just to have someone for Bloodshot to protect and keep him human, for the inevitable tragic reveal when he dies. I hope that isn’t the case, as there is potential for her character to develop off of the bare bones (but likeable) person she is now into something resembling a three dimensional woman.

But that is a small thing. Bloodshot Reborn continues to impress and is turning out to be one of Valiant’s best series. Long may it continue.

Cover image courtesy of Valiant Entertainment.

Bloodshot Reborn is available from Valiant.

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