Bloodshot Reborn #5

The man once known as the unstoppable killing machine called BLOODSHOT must track down the impostors carrying out mass shootings in his former name. But the hunter becomes the hunted when an upstart FBI investigator and her grizzled partner believe the original Bloodshot himself to be responsible for the murders.

Can Bloodshot elude the agents – and his own inner demons – long enough to take out a nanite-infused gunman?

Jeff Lemire
Raul Allen
Valiant Entertainment

So far this series has been building to a crescendo, teasing the dissolution of Bloodshot’s mental stability and making him debate how much he can take it upon himself to save others before he loses his newfound humanity.

Issue five tips completely over that edge, as Bloodshots reality is stripped from him by Bloodsquirt, a personifications of the Nanites, eager to return the man to the killing machine he was. The art style, a sort of faux noir cartoony world where Bloodsquirt rules supreme, was a nice change up to the usual art style.

My only problem is just how quickly the character changes from the events of last issue. Maybe it’s just that he has been worn down steadily and the psychedelic trip and violation of his boundaries are the breaking point that he barely recovers from by the end of the issue. It could just be Allen’s take on Bloodshot when he isn’t in a fantasy land, all blank stares with mouth agog.

But there’s something off about the character this issue, as a man who up until this point has been fighting anyone who would attempt to control him just gives up and mumbles his way through events. The last closing pages return us to the man we knew before, shaken but unbound, but he’s clearly diminished.

It may just be my personal preferences, but considering how the series has been very slow and deliberate with it’s pacing so far, it just felt off to zip through a breakdown and recovery in just one issue.

It is a series worth perusing, despite this odd one out. The concept of it is really good and I’m glad Lemire is in a creative environment where he feels he can push the boundaries of what could easily just be a boring ‘xtreme’ comic. It’s merely the execution of the issue, which lets it down. Perhaps check it out for the artwork.

Cover image courtesy of Valiant Entertainment.

Bloodshot Reborn is available from Valiant.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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