Bloodshot #1-10

Writer: Duane Sweirczinsky
Pencilers: Manuel Garcia with Arturo Lozzi
Inker: Stefano Gaudiano
Colors: Ian Hannin
Letter: Rob Steen
Cover Artists: Arturo Lozzi, Mico Suayan, David Aja & Esad Ribic
Assistant Editor: Josh Johns
Associate Editor: Jody LeHeup 
Executive Editor: Warren Simmons
is a man who acts as a super powered human weapon of mass destruction
for the government. His real name and identity are unknown. What is
known is that the government created him and made him into what he is
now. With nano technology literally coursing through his veins Bloodshot
is nearly unstoppable. He is given a new memory before every mission.
Each memory he is given is specifically designed to help drive Bloodshot
towards successfully completing the mission. Within the first issue of
this story arc, Bloodshot has the veil pulled from over his eyes. Now
knowing that his memories were manufactured, Bloodshot is now set on
finding the truth. The nano machines in his body have become/are AI and
speak to him in the form of a child to help guide him along the way as
well as enhancing his abilities. The path to seek the truth is not an
easy one though. It leads Bloodshot to other possibly more important
The Good:
book hits the ground running. From the story to the artwork your eyes
and your mind will be thoroughly satisfied with Bloodshot. The story is
very well written. So much that it was clearly thought out and discussed
before hand. After reading this book, Duane Sweirczinsky, is now one of
my favorite writers . There were next to none when it came to plot
holes. The way you are fed information throughout the story isn’t
forced. Nothing ever seems too informative or divulged. Some stories
will feed you too much to take in at once but not Bloodshot. Bloodshot
is an even flow of badassadry. I really like the man behind the inks,
Stefano Gaudiano. He did a superb job on the pencils of Manuel Garcia.
The colors by Ian Hannin were beautiful. The pages and panels were
really set up nicely. Visually, this book was just all kinds of good eye
The Bad:
in “The Good” I said there were next none when it came to plot holes?  It’s one of the few things I will say about this book. I caught a few
plot holes. So minuscule that they didn’t even come close to messing up
the book. There were two things that the editors over looked but hey, I
won’t knock em too hard. The two foul ups in editing were also like the
plot holes. Barely noticeable and don’t even come close to taking away
from the experience of reading this amazing book.
really is an even flow of badassadry. I haven’t had this much fun
reading a book with this much intrigue and violence in a very long time.
I hope that anyone reading this review will take the time to go give
this book a shot. I am now a fan of Bloodshot and plan on checking out
the books that follow this story arc. So go get Bloodshot at your local
comic shop and visit Valiant’s website @
Geek-o-Rama received copies of these books for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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