Blood & Dust: The Life and Undeath of Judd Glenny #1

Near the swamps of southeastern Oklahoma lives Judd Glenny. Judd did many things in life. He was a father, a farmer, a Civil War veteran, and in death he’s done even more as the first American vampire.
He once rode the Old West as its most legendary and feared outlaw. Now he is babysitter to his vampire great grandchildren and guardian of their mother, who as Judd says is “sick”.
In that swamp lives something dark and dangerous. Something that takes anyone who enters it, who are never to be seen again.

This book is an interesting take on a vampire story. It combines the supernatural idea of a spooky undead family living in the woods preying on hapless passerby with vampire legend, and then turns the whole idea on its head. In a time where a lot of comics are very formulaic, this one surprised me.

The main character, Judd, is a grizzly old man who lives at the edge of a swamp. He’s a vampire, but any malicious evil in him (it’s hinted that some must have existed in the past) is more or less gone. He’s not a nice guy by any means, but he does keep local children from being lost in the swamp, and presumably keeps them from being devoured by whatever evil thing lives in the swamp.

This issue establishes Judd’s personality and current situation, with only hints at the long past he’s had. His motivations are not yet clear, though those are also hinted at.

The art suits the book nicely. There’s violence, but that’s to be expected in a vampire comic, and there’s a warning about it. (The warning made it sound worse than it was, in my opinion, but I read a lot of violent comics.)

The other characters don’t have nearly as much personality as Judd, and most of them are barely mentioned by name. I’m interested to see more character inclusion and relationship, but I’m also interested to see Judd’s past. If you like supernatural comics, horror comics, or comics relating to Americana legends, this is a good title for you.

3.5 out of 5 stars.

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