Blade Runner 2019 #2

Written by: Michael Green & Mike Johnson

Art by: Andres Guinaldo

Colors by: Marco Lesko

Letters by: Jim Cambell

Edited by: David Leach

SYNOPSIS: Early in the 21st Century, the TYRELL CORPORATION advanced robot evolution to the NEXUS phase – creating artificial beings virtually identical to humans – known as REPLICANTS.

Superior in strength and agility, the Replicants functioned primarily as Off-world slave labor or in hazardous, high-collateral combat situations.

After replicants were declared illegal on Earth, special police operatives – called BLADE RUNNERS – had orders to kill or ‘RETIRE’ any trespassers upon detection.

Detective AAHNA ASHINA of the Los Angeles Police Department was one of the first to qualify for the assignment.

Her colleagues called her ASH.

She was the best of them.

Los Angeles, 2019 – COMIXOLOGY

First off I must say this is a must-read book even though it says that on the cover I absolutely agree, this book is fantastic and what I wish the blade runner movies actually were.

THE STORY: Its a classic mystery story, but in the world of Blade Runner makes it pop even more. The world-building is great and puts you into this alternative reality since this takes place in 2019. The mystery of it all keeps you guessing and wondering what’s coming next. Which is what you want in a good story right?

THE ART: The artwork here is top-notch, I personally love the style and it really fits this story. The beautiful colors are breathtaking and the character design is dynamic and fun.

5 out of 5 stars

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