Birdman..or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance (2014)

Part of the attraction for me concerning this movie was the effects we see in the preview. There are not many super hero movies I won’t give a chance. The more I found out about this movie the more I was able to conclude that this really wasn’t about a hero, it was about the end of one. I don’t want to give too much away but this film stretches beyond clichés and norms and gives us gritty often hard to swallow performances. Micheal Keaton is by a long shot the best I have ever seen him and Emma Stone not only gets rid of doubt about her ability to act, but freakin demolishes it. Naomi Watts I have been a fan off for some time now does a great job as well. This movie does make you feel like you are one of the camera men on the set throughout most of its running time.

Having said all that, this film is not for everyone and comes off a bit too artsy for my taste. I don’t know if I would buy it, but I could see myself re-watching it as a reminder of what being stretched to the edge could look like on the set of a play. Don’t go in expecting a ton of full blown action, in fact this might be one of the most dialog driven movies I’ve seen since Pontypool. Overall the acting alone deserves at least a 6 out of 7. For plot, dialog and setting I have to give it a 5.


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