Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return 3

As Bill & Ted bring popularity and happiness to the childhood of their future oh-so-evil arch-nemesis, De Nomolos, they may have accidentally changed more than just his taste in music. With the looming threat of an altered timeline ahead of them, it will take more than the intervention of Rufus or the Grim Reaper to bring excellence back to the universe!

Some movies are destined to be popular enough to become comics.  Some young men were destined to be the inspiration for future civilizations.  The latter is probably only ever going to be true for Bill and Ted, but the former is sure true, and we explore the third for Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return.

In a genuine effort to try and help Chuck De Nomolos be a nicer person, Bill and Ted take him on a time traveling educational trip.  Their first stop at Woodstock is of no help, a visit with Billy the Kid starts to warm him up, and their final journey to the era of dinosaurs seems to do the trick.  Or so they thought after getting him back to his time, but find out after returning to theirs that he instead has taken their place!

The biggest part of Bill and Ted of course was their adventures travelling to different periods of time.  Visuals were limited back in the day for the movie, but the art here takes full advantage of its room to illustrate in any way imaginable.  With all of the phone booth usage, the art definitely did a most excellent job especially in the color department.

Just when I thought the boys scored a victory, I was reminded of how quickly things can change.  The situation they find themselves in now is going to be a rough one to get out of.  I will be ready for the next issue to see what they plan to do, and you should join for the ride.

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