Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return 2

Bill and Ted are going to change the world with their music…just as soon as they get over their writer’s block! Maybe they’ll just sneak into the future to take a little peek at their discography to help.

More than two decades later, the adventures with Bill and Ted continue on in a new comic mini-series.  With a new movie still in the works, it seems like a great time to revisit these two time traveling rockers.  Prepare your best air guitars as we check out Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return issue two.

After deciding to travel to the future for some totally excellent inspiration, Bill and Ted run into their nemesis Chuck De Nomolos, while he’s still a teenager.  Although they hesitate at first, seeing how much of an outcast he is makes them want to help him out.  Chuck immediately wants to destroy them, but he eventually calms down and decides to accept their help.  Or does he really?

As we saw with the first issue of the series, the fun and perfectly cartoony artwork follows into the next issue.  Now that we’re fully set in the future, we had a lot of great views into the world built on the influence of Bill and Ted.  Their comic adaptations were again quite accurate, and we even got to see some other characters instantly recognizable.

This issue definitely held my interest more than the opener, and set the tone for some good follow up issues.  It’s pretty fun getting to read a Bill and Ted story after so long and I personally appreciate it.  For those of us who know and love the movies, I’d say it’s worth grabbing now and into the future.

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