Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return 1

Following the time-traveling historic epic of Excellent Adventure and the turbulent life and death of Bogus Journey, Bill and Ted must now fulfill their destiny as the inspiration for galactic harmony! How can someone hate the Wyld Stallyns as much as the evil Chuck De Nomolos? With the power of time travel, Bill and Ted set their sights on turning a young 27th-century Nomolos’ non-non-heinous attitude into something most outstanding and metal!

While there are plenty of movie to comic adaptations, this one came to be a surprise honestly.  A good surprise, as the content itself is something that will always be a part of my childhood.  Be prepared kids, for the Wyld Stallyns are back in this first issue of Bill & Ted’s Most Triumphant Return.

Literally coming right after the ending to the second movie, this continuation of Bill and Ted’s journey sets up for some new content without the need for another sequel.  Their success with their first song has them feeling the pressure of their follow up hit.  The solution?  Travel to the future in hopes of getting some information and possibly changing the attitude of their nemesis of course.

It was really neat to see these two illustrated as they once were back when the cartoon aired.  The artwork is super vibrant and has just the right cartoony approach.  Of course, the accuracy to the drawing the likeness of the characters is key and is done well enough to recognize them.  It was really nice to see Rufus again even in comic form.  Cheers, George Carlin.

Unless you’re a child of the generation when the movies came out, a lot of the story is going to be lost on you.  So, for those of you who know the crazy pair, I’d say this is a fun way of continuing their travels.  Otherwise, there’s probably not enough to jump in here and might be a hard sell.  Regardless, be excellent to each other!

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