Big Moose

Writer: Sean Ryan, Ryan Cady and Gorf
Art: Cory Smith, Thomas Pitilli and Ryan Jampole
Colors: Matt Herms, Glenn Whitmore and Kelly Fitzpatrick
Letters: Jack Morelli
Publisher: Archie Comics

Big Moose Mason is the star of this Archie Comics one shot. Three stories surround Riverdale’s star footballer; Moose vs The Vending Machine, Have It All and The Big Difference. The first story is about Moose and his stomach; he is hungry and all he wants is a snack. Midge, his girlfriend, will not give him a dollar because of dinner plans they have. Moose runs into Jughead who makes him an offer that he can’t refuse. In the second story, it is a week in the life of Moose; his school work, his home life, his girlfriend, and football. Many people think because of his size he is dumb, but he is a thinker and achieves all he wants done. The last story is about a boy with a disability who wants to be noticed by Moose and he does make a remarkable impact.

I am really starting to like these offerings from Archie Comics, these were sweet stories. I especially loved Have It All, it gave us insight to who Moose really is. He knows he has the stigma of being stupid because of his size, but he is a thoughtful high schooler. He cares about his grades, loves his girlfriend and family, he doesn’t want to let anyone down. I love these stories about the supporting characters of Riverdale’s famous gang.

The writing from Sean Ryan, Ryan Cady and Gorf is excellent. Each story had their own take on Moose, but highlighted the fact that he is genuinely a good guy. Ryan’s story is a silly one, Moose trying to find food and always being hungry. Cady’s heartfelt story was written to give Moose depth and more character. Gorf’s tale was simple, but told a lot in a few pages.

The art works across the board. The first story, Cory Smith and Matt Helms work well with conveying Moose’s expressions and feelings. The colors are normal and the use of of solid colors is good at expressing his feelings. Thomas Pitilli and Glenn Whitmore’s turn in the second story has a soft feeling from the color usage and the way Moose is drawn. There is a lot of pale coloring usage to add to the tone of the story. Ryan Jampole and Kelly Fitzpatrick work on the final story reminds me of the old Archie comics, it has a little classic comic strip feel to it. It has thick lines and bright coloring almost like the original. It was a little nostalgic and welcoming.


I am quite surprised I really liked this one shot. If they keep writing them like this, I would gladly recommend and pick up the next copy.

Rating: I will give this comic 4 stars

You can find this and other Archie comics here: Archie Comics

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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