Big Dog Ink Slithers into All Ages Comics with Serusis

 This summer, comic
book publisher Big Dog Ink brings you throwback goodness with our 80’s cartoon
inspired all-ages comic book mini-series, Serusis!  Can the Serusian’s convince a set of humans
to help save their planet from the domineering Relitons?  Will evil leader, Snoggard’s mighty army
squash the Serusians once and for all?  Can
you love Big Dog Ink comics even more than you already do?  Find out the answer to these nail-biting
questions, and many more, starting June 2013!
Out to prove
that all-ages does not have to equal low quality or less entertaining, Big Dog
Ink is bringing out the big guns to rock this comic book series.  Powerhouse writer Tom Hutchison puts this
homage to all things retro and FUN into fancy dialog and otherworldly scenes.  As if the writer of Critter & Legend of
Oz: The Wicked West wasn’t enough talent, Avengelyne artist Owen Gieni also
joins the Big Dog Ink family with his gorgeous pencils and bright &
beautiful colors.  Issue #1 features three gorgeous covers by Owen that make a beautiful
set to collect as well as a perfect introduction to the world of Serusis!
While this
series is great for the younger comic book readers in your life, it’s also got
a story that will be appealing to fans of any and all persuasions.  Issue #1 begins when the Serusian’s abduct a
quartet of unwitting humans, and with Big Dog Ink as the publisher, who knows
where it will end!  Talking otherworldly
snakes, mysterious magical devices, a prophecy waiting to be fulfilled and so
much more.  Don’t miss out on the newest
story from the publisher that’s taking the comic book world by storm!   
Serusis #1 (of
6) is currently available for pre-order in the April Diamond Previews catalog for
June 2013 Release with a retail price of $3.50. 

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