Big Dog Ink Gets Even More Wicked with Legends of Oz

In 2010, Big Dog Ink thrilled the independent comic book market with the release of The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West.  This Wild West retelling of the beloved story of Dorothy Gale and her journey to find the wizard was a hit with fans of the classic tales of Oz and comic book readers alike.  In 2012 Big Dog Ink launched a much anticipated ongoing monthly comic book as a follow up to the critically acclaimed mini-series.  Where the original six issues brought fans familiar characters with a western twist, the ongoing comic delves deeper into the rich mythos of the Land of Oz with new characters pulled straight from the beloved series of children’s books, with a Big Dog Ink style twist of course.

On the heels of this increasingly popular series comes Big Dog Ink’s latest journey into the world of Toto the horse and the Tin Man sheriff.  In Legends of Oz, Big Dog Ink takes advantage of the limited series format to bring you in depth looks at the origins of some of your favorite characters.  The first in the collection of planned character studies and standalone vignettes, The Legends of Oz: The Scarecrow will be a two issue miniseries devoted to everyone’ favorite mysterious sidekick.  Join Big Dog Ink and writer Pat Shand as we delve deeper into the origins of the quirky Scarecrow who’s out to prove that just because she’s a mysterious puppet created by evil magic, it doesn’t mean she can’t be pure good!

Featuring interior art and an “A” cover by the talented Big Dog Ink newcomer Carlos Reno and with colors and “B” covers respectively by regular Legend of Oz: The Wicked West artists Kate Finnegan and Nei Ruffino, these new Legends limited series are a perfect complement to the existing gritty western universe created in the monthly ongoing comic book.  Fans can read The Legends of Oz: The Scarecrow side by side with the monthly title to broaden their Oz universe, or on its own as a standalone story.  The Legends of Oz: The Scarecrow is also the perfect addition to comic book stores shelves to lure new fans into checking out the goodness that is the Wicked West!

The Legends of Oz: The Scarecrow #1 releases in April 2013 and is currently available for pre-order in the February Diamond previews catalog with a retail price of $3.50.

About Big Dog Ink
Founded in 2009, Big Dog Ink is an independent publisher of diverse comic book properties such as PENNY FOR YOUR SOUL, URSA MINOR, CRITTER, KNIGHTINGAIL and REX: ZOMBIE KILLER.  Since its inception, Big Dog Ink has quickly become a top publisher in the industry with its hit series, THE LEGEND OF OZ: THE WICKED WEST, which has consistently charted in the “Diamond Top 300” list.  BDI has gained a loyal fan following due to our high quality art, stories and dedication to elevating the art of small press and creator owned publishing.

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