Big Dog Ink Does Special Signing!

This past Saturday, Jesse James Comics, a premiere comics book store in Glendale, AZ, was invaded by the some of the most outstanding artists and writers out there also known as Big Dog Ink. Set against an abnormally hot September desert, things inside the shop were even hotter (but in the good way). Armed with an arsenal of brilliantly colored banners displaying the best of BDI’s comic creations Ian Snyder, Natali Sanders, Jenevieve Broomall, Wayne Gardiner, as well as writer and publisher Tom Hutchinson came to rock the place.

One thing I noticed right off the bat. This team doesn’t take anything for granted. They were not only more than willing to talk about their creations, they were also visibly engaged with the fans. I think when you are a collector or just a casual reader and you are sitting back hoping to meet some of these people, you always kind of hope they are genuine. Big Dog Ink is all that and more.

I was fortunate enough to pick up Issue 3 of Ursa Minor and even had a choice of covers which is usually the case at a place like Jesse James Comics. Unfortunately I waited too long to get the now legendary cover by Natali Sanders, Teachers Pet. However, there were plenty of other amazingly pieces, Jenevieve and Natali both had jaw dropping prints on hand.

Jesse James Exclusive Cover by Ian Snyder

There was a nice crowd in the store when I got there which speaks to the support not only that Jesse James Comics gets, but that BDI has established through hard work and excellence. In addition to the signings, it was an amazing time overall. They even had Knightingale writer Wayne Gardiner there as well as Knightingale and Kaeli Hunter for fans of BDI’s newest creator owned book. Special thanks to Jesse James Criscione and Tom Hutchinson for getting this together. This might sound cliché, but it’s true so I get to say it. Comics have a future…and Big Dog Ink is sounding the charge.

–Jess Hurley–

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