Beyond the Western Deep Vol 1

For over 100 years, the animal races of the Four Kingdoms have lived side-by-side in uneasy truce. But when conflict ignites in the north, old alliances threaten to send the world into chaos. Experience the beginnings of an epic all-ages fantasy in this first collected volume!

Whether it be fiction or real life, it is a sad truth that there will often be conflict because of differences in race.  While it may sometimes just be tension living side by side, there are those unfortunate occasions when it leads to war.  The beginnings of this potential battle for existence unfold as we explore the first volume of Beyond the Western Deep.

The book opens up with a nice historical overview of the races within this fantasy world.  After years of fighting, they eventually divided lands and have since lived next to each other in overall peace with a shaky truce.  As to be expected, this weak truce begins to tear, and one of the races has decided they want to take back what they feel is theirs.  Unknowingly caught in this brewing war is our main character Quin, the new king’s captain who sets off on a peace mission.

As a very nature-centric story, the artwork was really vibrant.  I really enjoyed all the different designs for the animal races that we saw so far.  Overall, the line work and colors for this first book started off strong.  It will be nice to see more of the world as the story goes on based on what we’ve seen here.

This is another book that’s great for almost any reader, young or old.  For a starting volume, not a whole lot was thrown at us, but it offered enough to gain interest.  I’d be curious to see how it unfolds and wouldn’t mind sharing this with others.

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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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