Belial #1

Belial #1

Follow along as Belial sets out to reclaim what was rightfully his! Belial’s power, throne, and claim to Hell have been stolen by none other than Lucifer himself. Over the centuries, Hell has become a shadow of its former Glory. It has fallen from Belial’s structure, vision, legendary depiction, and epitome of everything you’ve come to know of the Palace of the Judged. Now Hell is nothing more than a run-down pit of despair, and Belial has had enough! This is the story of a once powerful ruler, that finds himself up against epic odds. He must fight his way back to the throne. He will face off against the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and Lucifer himself to do so. He’s not alone in the underdog power struggle, as Belial has retained some loyal followers. Will it be enough, or is this all just a futile attempt at achieving former glory and become the drunken laughing stock of Hell?

Writer: Chuck Pineau

Pencils: Gregory Woronchak

Inks: Shaun Barbour

Letters: Scott Weldon

Edits: Wyndi Gayle

I want to start this review out with an apology. I was supposed to review this comic a year ago and somehow, it came into the house, and promptly disappeared! It was recently found and I’m happy to now present you with…

The Good:
I love the premise behind this story. I believe that the original story idea was Shaun’s and he asked Chuck to come onboard as writer. Honestly? It’s the perfect combination. Their personalities are so in alignment that there wasn’t any way that this book wasn’t going to be a hit. On top of that, Gregory’s art is the perfect compliment. You can almost feel the character’s personalities just by looking at the pages. The book is done completely in black and white which I think really suits the story. I’m not the biggest fan of black and white comics, but when it’s done right, it’s fantastic and this was done right.

The Bad:
I could say that it took me an entire year to review this, but that’s about me, not the book. I guess if there was anything that I didn’t like, it’s that the book really needed a proofreader. I found numerous punctuation errors and while most people probably wouldn’t even notice, my eyes are trained to so they jumped out at me. Like I said though, most people probably wouldn’t even notice because the story and art are so good.

The Summary:
Belial #1 is a super fun read. It’s different than a lot of the books that I’m seeing out there right now. I’ve actually read it twice now and enjoyed it just as much both times. I’ve already backed the Kickstarter for Issue #2. If you missed out on Issue #1, there is a tier for you to catch up. With any luck, I won’t misplace the new issue for an entire year!




Katrina wrote this review after unearthing this issue. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are her own and not the result of tremendous guilt. 

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