Battle Cattle

Battle Cattle the Card Game is designed by Steve Jackson Games and based on the miniatures game of the same name by  Wingnut Games. The basic premise of the game is based on bovine mech warfare. Each player (up to 6) takes the role of one of the pre-designed ‘Battle Cattle’ mechs which are exactly the same save the name and color scheme. Once you have drawn your initial cards you’re ready to go.

Generally speaking this is a fast paced game as you dice up your enemies with auto-cannon sprays, rams with your horns, methane strikes, and even slapped with flaming cow pies or burned with flamethrowers. Each side of your mech has points of armor and each card is a direct attack to one of the various parts on your mech. It is possible to protect yourself during game play with armor cards or jamming someone’s machine guns but eventually your armor will be gone. The game is won when the last player has vanquished his or her foe in the Battle Cattle arena, either by forcing them to retreat or completely destroying the unit.

This game is also completely compatible with Car Wars the card game also made by Steve Jackson Games. While this game is currently out of print it is possible to find copies at online for resale.

This game serves as a nice party game since the rules are easy to understand and its fast pace. It also works well as a quick one-off game should someone need a break between late night online or table top gaming.

Typical play time: 10-30 minutes
Overall rating: 6 out of 10

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