Banners On The Cheap Review & Giveaway!

When we were approached about doing a review for Banners on the Cheap, I wasn’t quite sure if we should take it or not. Then, I realized that our very own staff members may be able to handle this! Sure enough, Ross stepped up to the plate and used the gift card that we were offered to get the banner that you see over there on the left. Before we get to the giveaway, let’s hear what he has to say about his experience:

My experience ordering a printed banner from has been nothing less than exemplary so far. I have yet to use a promotional printing service that was not only this user-friendly, but expedient with my order and willing to answer any questions.  (Granted, I didn’t have any questions thanks to their process.)

I ordered my vertical 8′ x 3′ banner in early January (the 2nd, actually) and my banner had shipped by the 4th! I had my banner safely in my hands by January 9th: exactly a week after I had placed my initial order. I, of course, immediately opened the package expecting the forgivable printing blemish or some other minor detail that would have most likely been beyond anyone’s control: nothing out of place. The banner had printed beautifully and the  stitches & grommets were well-placed and seemingly sturdy. I say “seemingly” because this particular banner is making its debut at Phoenix Comic Con in May 2013. I hadn’t had a chance to purchase a folding sign holder for it, but that’s next on my list before the con hits. I have a feeling this banner is not only going to be a big hit, but it’ll make an excellent landmark on the convention floor.


Now, not only were they awesome enough to give us a gift card to order a banner, but they’ve also decided to let us give away some goodies here! One lucky person will have the opportunity to choose from: an 8×10 Photo to Canvas, a $50 gift card for Car Magnets , a $40 gift card for Vinyl Banners or a $30 gift card towards Cheap Signs. Trust me, you won’t regret your decision to go with this company. They have been amazing and wonderfully understanding to work with. Want to enter? Well, who’s stopping you?a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • Alex Green  says:

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