Badassical #3

Susan, Kate and Pandora are trapped in a futuristic reality television show on a city wide scale. There’s evil ninjas, giant robots and liberal amounts of awesome.

Issue one had the three dealing with the loss of a super-science device to the bad guys, and issue two saw Susan facing off against a giant robot.

This is where we pick up.

Pardon me while I shake the rust off and poke my head in briefly for a review on a comic that I personally adore quite a bit. We’ve been together on this crazy ride since early on and look forward to staying on the roller coaster as it continues to barrel forward. Put your hands in the air if you dare, but I might suggest holding on for issue three of Badassical.

Following the events leading up to this point, we rejoin Kate and Susan as they begin their next day. The problem is, Susan has virtually no memory of anything and Kate appears to have a completely different recollection of the previous events. Pandora isn’t even home, as we hop over to her learning some rather unsettling information on the harsh reality of their existence. To make matters worse, she is attacked by a group of vampires and although she puts up a good fight, is eventually turned into one. Upon returning home, there’s no time to explain what has happened as the three friends prepare for whatever threat is coming their way next.

The dial got turned way up on the story this time and with that came a new set of pages that were equally ramped up. Collette’s work is consistently gorgeous, especially her covers, but you can see how even in just three issues sequentials are getting better and better. Characters old and new really got to shine here, with cool new costumes and character designs for incoming baddies. While Kate has always been my favorite since early on, all three girls here had panels and pages that I found particularly appealing.

There is so much opportunity for incredible new writing and art in this series and the team keeps on taking advantage of it. A big part of what makes this so fun to read is that the story keeps on twisting and turning to keep you trying to figure out exactly what’s going on and thirsting to know more. Partner that with visuals that are undoubtedly going to be amazing and you have a book that you’re so glad to have picked up. The next chapter is on the horizon, so make sure you’re ready by grabbing what’s there and prepare for more.

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  • Jasonthomasart  says:

    Love it!

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