Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth 1

When the so-called “real” police find out about Axe Cop’s
bad guy chopping antics, they team up with the army to take Axe Cop down! But
when a pair of nasty villains from outer space turn the army into bad guys,
it’s up to Axe Cop to set things right!
I’m not even sure where to begin describing this book,
which apparently is part of a much bigger series than I realized.  It started off as just a webcomic, moving
onto print comics and apparently even spawned a show.  Sometimes even the most unlikely idea can
gather an extremely big following.  With
Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth 1, I saw just such an example of one of those.
Born from the mind of (then) 5 year old Malachai Nicolle and
brought to life by his older brother Ethan, this is so out of the box from
anything you know.  Assuming “basic premise”
is even applicable here, this book is pretty much an onslaught of randomness
following the adventures of Axe Cop.  He’s
exactly as his name states; an axe wielding cop who I’m assuming is always just
trying to save the day at the root of it all. 
I have no prior knowledge of this series at all, so beyond that it’s
really something you have to see for yourself.
Illustrating all the crazy and amusing ideas of his
younger brother must have been really fun for Ethan.  There really seems to be no end to the number
of hilarious pieces thrown into the story and they’re all somehow glued
together in the art.  In just this one
book, Ethan has shown that he can draw practically anything, and does it well.
If this is as new to you as it was for me, you are in for
a ride like no other you’ve been on. 
Whether it is dinosaurs, talking cups, evil planets or chicken brain
robots, the insanity never stops.  In the
end though, it really is a hysterical book, and I appreciate what the team of
brothers did here.  If you want a
completely silly book to enjoy purely for smiles, this is absolutely what the
doctor ordered.
For more on Axe Cop or other Dark Horse titles, check out
Dark Horse Comics.
Axe Cop: Bad Guy
Earth 1 will be available 11/19 and for only $1.00!

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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