Automata (2014)

This is a film by Gabe Ibanez starring Antonio Banderas in what might be his best role since OUTRAGE. We also get a bit of Melanie Griffith and Dylan McDermott for good measure. There is also a really solid performance by Birgitte Hjort Sorensen as Bandera’s wife Rachel. The storyline revolves around a slowly burning world where robots called Automata’s are created to fight “the desert”. The plan is a failure and the Automata’s are basically discarded as outcasts of society. Much like most future robots they are given directives. One of the directives is they can’t harm man (ie I ROBOT), and that they cannot alter themselves. An insurance agent that works for the company that makes them (Banderas) stumbles upon an incident where one of the Automata’s has been shot after being seen repairing itself. Of course his wife is about to have a baby and now everything is going to be all jacked up. The budget here isn’t over the top but the direction is solid and some gripping and sometimes compelling dialog propels this into the sci-fi “umm, you had better check this thing out” zone.

Good news for Banderas fans, it looks like he’s already got some 2015 stuff in the works and you can catch Birgitte Hjort Sorensen in PITCH PERFECT 2. Like with a lot of these types of films there are some wonky ideas introduced but ultimately this is an interesting take on the “robots are going to take over the future” sci –fi awesomeness. Kinda wish the premise was a bit more original here, but it’s worth a 5 out of 7.


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