Astronauts in Trouble #1

In 1959, the Channel 7 News team covers a routine homicide that leads them to a mysterious rocket base in Peru filled with Russian spies. All in a day’s work for the most trusted newsmen in America. They couldn’t know their day’d end up with a hot pilot, a fast ship, cheap beer, and spacesuits!

There are those times when just the title of a new book I come across is enough to make me curious.  I’ve always enjoyed a good space adventure, even though this doesn’t quite start out as one.  Right from its beginnings on Earth, we take a look at the presumably soon to be journey through space with Astronauts in Trouble issue one.

Although not a spaceship, we begin the story rocketing through the city with a news van on its way to a homicide crime scene.  While there, one of the crew finds something (a mysterious badge) that somehow leads them to Peru.  Upon landing, they discover a “secret” base that is apparently the test site of a new missile/rocket/ship thing.  In the midst of the US/Russia race for superiority, the explosive ending was an appropriate way to lead into book two.

Taking charge of the artwork is Charlie Adlard, known best of course for his work on The Walking Dead books.  That being said, if you’ve read those you’ll be familiar with the style.  If not, you’ll be treated to well drawn, clean artwork.  The only limitation is that it’s black and white, so it doesn’t necessarily jump out at you.

To be honest I had to read through a second time to clarify a couple of things.  It didn’t dismay me enough to not want to see what happens next, but it did lessen my experience a bit.  While the core of the story has yet to be revealed, I wouldn’t mind seeing exactly what that is in future issues.

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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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