Ascension 3

As The Being dishes out his own brand of justice, his
morality comes into question by the very ones he has given power to.  Before he can deal with the traitors,
however, an assault force, headed by the Realm Knights, commences an attack on
The Being.  Will it truly be enough to
put an end to his reign of terror, or will Sela need to execute her back-up
plan?  Find out in the exciting new issue
of Ascension, written by Pat Shand.
Jackie Hyde never asked for the power of the
Shadowlands.  She just wanted to be a
normal college girl, with normal college girl problems.  The Shadowlands had other plans for her
however, and she soon found herself surrounded by the bodies of her
classmates.  The Being saw this untapped
potential and chose to teach Jackie how to control this new power.  She didn’t want to accidentally hurt anyone
anymore, so she grateful for the chance to keep her powers in check.  That is, until Jackie saw firsthand how
forgiving The Being could be.  All it
took was a single question and suddenly The Being became the monster everyone
truly saw him for.  If even the slightest
look of doubt is all it takes to set him off, then perhaps The Being isn’t as
powerful as he’s claiming to be.  If he
really is all-powerful, then a question shouldn’t mean anything.  All Jackie wanted to know was what happened
to make the prison collapse.  From what I
could see, there wasn’t even any hint of doubt to her look or words, just a
question out of curiosity, but The Being took it as though Jackie was calling
him out as a fraud right then and there. 
It’s looking all of this divine power is making The Being paranoid and
completely corrupting his sense of morality. 
The power was never meant for him to begin with and it’s taking its toll
on, not only himself, but his new world order. 
With her former allies now aligned with The Being, it looks like it’s up
to Sela to bring him down herself if this nightmare is ever to end.
What I liked about this issue is that we get to see The
Being at his best and his worst.  He’s
not this perfect entity who knows what’s best for the rest of the world, he’s
definitely fallible and it shows in a big way. 
I mean, he’s provoked into a fit of rage over a simple question.  I’d say he’s slightly unbalanced.  However, when a “true enemy” shows up, The
Being wipes out the lot of them without even breaking a sweat.  Seeing both of these aspects in play shows
just how dangerous The Being has become. 
It’s a great set-up for the big brawl that’s sure to come between him
and Sela.  Pat is doing great with these
crazy characters, especially the ones you start off liking and then just want
to see them get taken out.  No problems
to be had with this one and I’m truly looking forward to the next issue.  It’s not the final one, but something is
definitely brewing and it’s going to be one for the ages.
The newly appointed allies of The Being are beginning to show their true colors, as the stage is set for an epic show down between Sela and The Being.  Sela has a few more tricks up her sleeve and one that could possibly mean her end.  So, pick up Ascension issue 3 and see if The Being is judging a town near you (and if so, make sure your record is clean enough).  For more info on where to find this issue, visit the Zenescope website, or the Zenescope Facebook page.
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions belong to the individual reviewer.

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