Arsenic Lullaby

Arsenic Lullaby is a collection of despicable stories for cynical jerks and weirdo’s. Don’t let the award nominations, and critical acclaim fool you…this is not some high brow artsy book. It is a very well done, well crafted and expertly illustrated, but it is NOT for everyone. It is for people with a very dark sense of humor.

There’s no doubt that this ashcan is definitely for those who can appreciate a very specific kind of comedy. So if you have a very open sense of humor, The Big Stall  is right up your alley.  This book is full of comic shorts that do a great job of hitting you with unexpected, and darkly amusing twists.  There’s also a couple longer comics included, which yet again, keep you going until right at the end and hit you hard.

The art was very clean and simple, but that is exactly what fits well with this type of comic. So, although you’d never expect to see these in the Sunday funnies, that’s the style which is appropriately used here. On a side note, I believe the full version is in full color, and I think that would add to it and make it a better to read.

As stated early on, this is not the kind of humor everyone can enjoy.  To put it plainly, a lot of the jokes are anything from politically incorrect to just morally wrong.  If you can just take it for what it is as dark humor, then you can enjoy this. Otherwise, this may be a title to steer clear of.

This teaser for Arsenic Lullaby is worth the time to read if you’re looking for a quick laugh.  That is, assuming you have the same twisted sense of humor that I do.  You’ll need it, believe me, but as long as you do you’re going to laugh your…..well, you know.

For more information on Douglas Paszkiewicz and his work, check out Arsenic

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Editor’s Note: Please note that this is an adult only title and is not recommended for children.

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