Arrow Season 3, Ep 21

In this week’s episode of Arrow, Oliver has finally taken up Ra’s Al Ghul’s offer to replace him as the head of the League of Assassins. Oliver undergoes a transformation, coming out the other side as Al-Sah-Him, heir to the demon. The Ollie we knew and loved is gone, replaced with a ruthless killer. And when Nyssa decides to go against the League with the help of Laurel, Felicity, and Diggle, Al-Sah-Him is who they are up against…

I feel like I already heard this one, probably because I did. This whole season has just been Batman Begins, but longer. Billionaire playboy at his wits end enrolls in the League of Assassins, is forced to kill, disagrees with Ra’s Al Ghul, and you can probably guess the rest. Something about destroying a city, only this time it’s Starling instead of Gotham.

Is this really what they should be doing with the Green Arrow character? I wanna see him grow a cool beard and make jokes about boxing glove arrows, not be Green Batman. I’m tired of Batman. If you changed Oliver’s name to Bruce this show would actually make more sense.

Stephen Amell does make a convincing Al-Sah-Him, the man has grown tremendously as an actor since the first season. Matt Nable’s Ra’s Al Ghul is pretty awesome as well, bringing some degree of belief to the 600 year old warlord. David Ramsey’s Diggle is still the highlight of the show, however.

There’s only 2 episodes left in this season. I really hope they’re going to bring Ollie back to Starling City, give him his green hood again, and let him be the Green Arrow in season 4. Not the Arrow, the Green Arrow.

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  • Nikolas Everhart  says:

    I couldn't agree more. After 2 years of Punisher-Arrow it looked like we were finally going to get the Green Arrow series we'd been waiting for then it segued into this odd Ras-Al-Ghul story line. Very disappointing as this show has a truly fantastic cast.

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