Arizona iCon’s First Annual Toy Convention

Another convention comes to Arizona and its name is iCon.  Arizona
iCon is a toy and pop culture convention and it features many local toy
collectors and dealers.  Many of the
collectors and dealers involved in the convention are permanent vendors at “The
Collector Marketplace” in Phoenix,
iCon was created to be a convention that was solely based on
the love of toys and collectible items.   It was located in Glendale,
AZ at the Glendale Civic
Center.  The con featured many well known vendors that
have graced their presence at several conventions and some other less known
ones as well.  It had some great sponsors
this year like: Pop Culture Paradise, Toy Anxiety, Drawn to Comics, Gotham City
Comics, Arizona Collector’s Marketplace and more.
 Keeping in the
tradition of many of the other cons, they also had panels.  A handful of these panels discussed toys and collectibles.  The other panels included titles like: 75
years of Batman with Drawn to Comics, Creating He-Man with Mark Ellis, Creating
GI Joe with Dan Klingensmith and Frank Coroneos, GI Joe vs. Transformers
Anniversary Spectacular, 30th Anniversary of Transformers, 30 years
of Ninja Turtles, So You Want to Start a Podcast, Meet the AZ Tardis, The Hunt,
Ask WhoLock, and 3 Drunk Geeks. 
A few of the most popular charity groups were present at
iCon.  The Arizona Avengers, the 501st,
AZ Tardis and Very Awesome Girls Into Nerdy Activities brought their A-Game and
brought much excitement for a lot of the con-goers with their awesome displays
and their fantastic costumes.  It still
excites me every time I see the “Big Blue Box” aka “The Tardis” sitting there
for all to see.  I also enjoy chatting
with my friends at the Arizona Avengers and the 501st.  They work so hard on the costumes and do so
much that’s good for their community. 
I’m honored to know many of them and be friends with several others.
There are some things that do need to be improved for next
year’s convention.  When you bought your
ticket, they put a stamp on your hand to indicate that you can come and go as
you please.  They need to change this and
either make wrist bands, or invest in lanyard badges.  Even though the panels were printed in the
program, it didn’t seem to be enough notice for the panel, or much in
description in the pamphlet on what the panel was all about.  This needs to change and I hope they take
these critiques to heart.
With so many toys, collectibles and vendors, you might find
yourself broke from all the things to purchase. 
All-in-all, I enjoyed myself and I probably spent more money than I
should have.  If you’re a toy lover, or a
collector, then iCon is the convention for you.

iCon has come and gone like so many conventions, but this is not the end.  iCon will return next year and it will take
all that it has learned from this year and make it even better.  I look forward to seeing what new things are
on the horizon for this convention and I hope the readers will check it out
next year as well.     
Coverage Submitted By: Jeremy Colwill

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