Archon: Battle of the Dragon #2

Gareth’s new boss is a beast! Alistair Koontz is a ruthless businessman, tail chaser, cigar aficionado and century’s old shape-shifting Dragon. His world revolves one thing: profit. Meanwhile a thuggish troll pushing bad elixir on the street finds himself in hot water when a simple deal becomes complicated.

I think most people really aren’t the biggest fans of finding a new job, especially the interview part. Now, just imagine you had to start off with your interview being done by a dragon. Now that’s intimidating, and that’s how we start off issue two of Archon: Battle of the Dragon.

Gareth is about to start his new security job, he has to make it through his interview with the owner Alistair, who happens to be a dragon. Amusingly, he still thinks both Alistair and all the employees of various races on the tour are still animatronics and costumes. In another part of town, the kind man Gareth met at the diner turns out to be a man of the law, on the trail of the supplier of “aether”. It appears more than just the Archon Casino is home to things fantasy.

When you have a book that includes things like trolls and dragons, the art is bound to be awesome. This issue for sure took advantage of that, especially when it came to Alistair in his dragon form. One very specific panel really made me laugh, where his facial expression of horror even in dragon form was perfect.

The momentum is picking up fast with this series already by the second issue. I am very curious as to what’s going to happen, both inside and outside of the casino. With all of the wonderful artwork and a story that’s really growing on me, I have to suggest this as a buy in a future comic run.

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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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