Archon: Battle of the Dragon #1

Las Vegas, 1981. Gareth Thompson, a Vietnam veteran and single father, has just accepted a security job at the new fantasy-themed “Archon Hotel and Casino.” However, he’ll soon discover all the Orcs, Elves and Dragons at the Resort are not people in costumes, but actual creatures of myth and legend.

Take a tale of the Free Men fighting against the Shadow Lord, and turn it into the prologue for an RPG session. Switch over to the heartfelt story of a good man doing whatever he can to take care of his daughter. End up in a Las Vegas hotel/casino with some very big surprises and you have the first issue of Archon: Battle of the Dragon.

On the way to a hopeful security job in Vegas, war veteran Gareth Thompson stops in with his daughter Corrie at a small Nevada diner. They end up having lunch with a very interesting and kind local man, who I’m wondering about showing up later. Upon finally arriving at the Archon Hotel and Casino, it slowly becomes evident that it isn’t just fantasy themed. This is especially obvious with who Gareth ends up meeting at the very end of the book.

There is some excellent artwork in this book already, and it’s only the first issue. I am really loving the style of lineart used and the colors are just wonderful. In particular, the last page was absolutely gorgeous. I also thought the choice for the opening section was smart. I expect there will be a lot more of this great art as the fantasy story opens up in future issues.

What started off as a perfectly normal story quickly became the opening for an awesome fantasy title. I am definitely excited to see exactly what direction this goes in as the story moves on. Blending reality and fantasy can be challenging, but this is showing promise and should be on your looting table.

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Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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