Archie’s Mysteries

Join the Teen Scene Investigators as they explore some of Riverdale’s greatest mysteries in this digital-only collection! Archie and the gang have joined forces with a couple of professional forensic investigators and are solving crimes one clue at a time. Can they close these cases before it’s too late? 

Archie Comic Publications, INC

You don’t quite know where you stand with Archie comics these days. Whilst the company publishing it has been known for espousing unrealistic ideas of the past for over 70 years, it’s also experimented heavily with the format. Publishing series like Life with Archie, that met with critical and commercial success and dealing with storylines that, quite frankly, put a lot of its peers to shame when it comes to inclusivity, its seems to in a constant state of ‘one step forwards for every two steps back’.

Archie’s Mysteries is more in line with what people traditionally associate with Archie Comics and the very problematic issues it has…but it’s so darn charming I find my resistance to it melting away. From the very simple colour palette and line work that invokes comics of the sixties and the odd subversive message, it keeps me liking it just enough to stop wanting to tear down it’s very faux American values.

That charm mostly comes from how it approaches everything from a very enthusiastic and childlike matter – people actually use phrases like ‘Gee Whiz!’ and ‘Golly Gosh!’, so by default I know a lot of what is presented is tongue in cheek. Whilst it won’t exactly please people on certain ends of the political spectrum, the comic goes for broke on some of it’s concepts, delving into full blown science fiction and fantasy at times in a way only possible these days in Archie comics or the Golden Age comics from the 40’s and 50’s.

It’s a very innocent take on it all and though you could argue it’s sugar that makes the most bitter pill go down with ease, I’m happy to suspend my normal objections. Does that make me shallow? Oh yes, but for £2.49 and in an anthology that is 124 pages, I don’t mind as much. Especially when it’s done this well.

Archie’s Mysteries is available from Comixology

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