Archie vs. Predator 2

Archie and the gang head back to Riverdale, but the vicious extraterrestrial Predator is in hot pursuit! When the kids determine that Betty and Veronica are the targets, they devise a secret weapon—Jughead in drag!

Whether or not you’ve read Archie in the past is almost irrelevant with this crossover series.  Granted, at least being familiar with the characters would be nice, but it isn’t necessary to jump in.  That is even more true in the second issue of Archie vs. Predator than it was in the first.  This is not your father’s Archie comic, that’s for sure.

Upon returning from their tropical spring break trip, Archie and the gang go back to their typical day to day living.  This does not last long, as the Predator has followed them home and quickly begins a killing spree.  Nobody is safe, and after one of the teens’ relatives gives them the 411 on what is after them, they try to fight back.

The long running series has a very particular art style that anyone familiar with it can recognize.  That continues to be used in this next issue and still does a great job of looking just as it has.  Obviously, the biggest difference is all of the violence and blood, having far more than even the first book did.

I have to say, this is one story line I never would have imagined for Archie.  Even back in the day, having an Archie/Punisher book was odd enough.  As weird as this new crossover may be, it’s pretty awesome and I’d say it’s worth reading for the amusement.

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