Archie Meets Batman ’66



Writer:  Jeff Parker and Michael Moreci

Artist: Dan Parent, J. Bone, and  Kelly Fitzpaterick

Letterer: Jack Morelli

Publisher: Jon Goldwater


Synopsis: In the continuing crossover series that combines Gotham with Riverdale, Bruce Wayne has decided it’s time to find out the truth behind the strange happenings that have been happening around the little town of Riverdale. To make this happen, Dick Gracy and Barbara Gordon are assigned to go undercover as Riverdale High students to win the trust of Riverdale’s most observant citizens — its teens.

Meanwhile, the adults are starting to act out of the ordinary. It began with reports from Veronica Lodge about her father’s strange behavior and continues to spread. What’s going on and can Batman find out what’s going on in time to save the citizens of Riverdale. Or, has this already gone too far?


Review: Because I am a classic Archie comics fan, I used to be unsure about these variations on the Archie comics world. This ranges from alternate realities to crossovers like this one to the tv show Riverdale. The truth is I Love each one. The names and personalities are familiar, but each variation has its own interesting storyline. The Batman Meets Archie ’66 series goes back to the classics that I love the most. There is Jughead talking about his hunger for hamburgers and Archie trying to fix that jalopy, as always. Adding Batman, Robin, and Batgirl — along with a few classic villains doesn’t take away from this. In fact, it’s a great addition that is both classically campy while leaving on a page turning cliffhanger that makes the reader excited for the next volume.

Another winner for Archie comics!!


Rating: I rate Batman Meets Archie ’66 #2  5 STARS


Where to Find More Information: You can order your copy of the second volume of this series from Archie Comics for $3.99.


Disclaimer:  Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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