Story by Nick Spencer

Art by Marguerite Sauvage

Letters by Jack Morelli

THE DEAL: Issue #700. Seven. Hundred. That should say everything about the staying power of Riverdale’s eponymous hero and his crew of pals. They’re all here, just like always … well, not exactly. Jughead’s still eating burgers like there’s a beef shortage, but now he does it as a restaurant critic for the local paper; Reggie is living like the world spins around him, fresh from football camp; Veronica and Betty have spent their summers thinking about their ginger crush – actually, that hasn’t changed since issue #1. Seriously, there have got to be better options in that town than one flighty, freckled boy.

They’d better hope so, anyway. Change is coming to town, and she’s got some secrets under her sleeve.

THE GOOD: I love the colour palette for this comic. It’s got an airbrushed innocence that fits the post-summer nostalgia of my own high school memories. The newer style that each of the iconic characters sports works well to freshen things up without deviating too severely from the original material. The dialogue is tight and narration is solid, bringing an air of mystery to the town that shares elements with the thriller-esque Riverdale television show. Even so, it doesn’t lose that light-as-cotton-candy feel that has carried through the comic since the start.

Honestly, the comic is 700 issues in – if it wasn’t damn good, it wouldn’t have come this far.

THE BAD: I’m not saying I don’t understand the intent, but the ladies in this comic have some growing up to do. It’s high school, sure, but the world’s a bigger and more interesting place in 2018. If you’re going to revitalize a legacy as long and storied as Archie, let’s bring the whole shebang into the 21st Century. I understand that the tension between Betty and Veronica is one of the driving forces of the story, but a re-invention is a wicked chance to evolve these two into something more. Don’t be afraid to take a chance, guys – Degrassi did it, and so can you.

3 stars out of 5

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