Archer & Armstrong: The One Percent #1

Remember Occupy Wall Street? We don’t, but we know you
lost and the villainous One Percent won!
Now, in the wake of their greatest victory a new vicious
brand of One Percent rises to the top of the class, and this time there will be
no one to BAIL OUT their enemies.
It typically a really fun experience to dive head first
into a totally book and see what comes of it. 
There’s a certain excitement of jumping in and seeing fresh content.  As you would think though, it often isn’t as
easy when it comes to spinoffs of previously ongoing stories.  This was unfortunately the case for me
reading the first issue of Archer & Armstrong: The One Percent.
I can’t say for sure just how helpful it is to have read
any of Archer & Armstrong beforehand, but I imagine it must give some.  From what I could get out of this storyline,
there appear to be various warring groups, on top of which sits the rich and
elite.  That is the focus here with a
typical spoiled son within the “one percent” and his plot to take over, in some
way influenced by an incarnation of evil they worship.
Given that I did struggle a bit understanding the story, the
artwork had a lot on its plate to keep me interested.  All in all the visuals did a pretty good job
with moving the plot along from page to page. 
The art was especially good when it came to points where there was a lot
of action happening, with strong explosions, gun fights, etc.
I’m sure this would probably have been better for me knowing
anything at all about Archer & Armstrong. 
Those who do follow the series will likely enjoy this, as I can see
there is a fun story underneath.  I’m not
going to run out for the next one unless I get a chance to see the main series,
but current fans have more to look forward to.
For more on Archer & Armstrong: The One Percent or
other Valiant titles, check out Valiant
Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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