Apes ‘N’ Capes 3

The circumstances of our main characters are still unfolding.
Living moment to moment, one breath at a time, unaware of the future that lies
before them, only the danger that surrounds them right now. They act on
impulse, on instinct and instinct serves us animals well. We should learn to
trust it more. It is there to protect us.
This chapter unearths the weaknesses that compel us to seek
each other out. It won’t be obvious at first, but loneliness and
isolation are the forces that bring our 3 main protagonists together. To what
end? Well, even I don’t know that yet and I’m
certainly not going to make anything up!
I won’t give it away,
but the implications of this comic are literally Earth shattering. Nothing in
this book is made up, and it shakes everything we know to the core and spits it
back out. This is huge.
All we have is our DNA. What we create and leave behind.
Negativity is just another obstacle for humans to overcome.
Transcendence is upon us, and it’s way closer than
you think.
“I am asking you trust me long enough to prove you wrong. We
need to leave. Remain here, and you will die
– An Ape in a Cape    
“How long can this fight go on? Who we are, what we are? I’LL SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE!

Devin Townsend, “Life”. Another ape in a cape. 

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