Apes ‘N’ Capes 2

is the mysterious black-clad figure that steals into
 George Tremaynes treehouse in the dead of night? What
of the origins of Primer, the Bonnet Macaque lab assistant? And as for our
caped ape, what
s his story?
Enter the pages of Episode 2 for the answers to some of
these questions!
Grainne McEntee and
Matt Rooke
are a dream team. These secret titans of industry are using the comic book
medium to explore the very concept of what it means to be alive.
Humanity is just
another animal, striving to evolve and improve. For the first time though, we
consciously realize this and it’s scary. Where did we come from? Why
are we here? Where do we go when we die?
An orangutan doesn’t
ask these questions. He just quietly keeps the ecosystem pumping along with a
smile on his face. That’s why he’s
the hero of this story.
I could praise this
comic for days. You could read each page for an hour, taking in the amazing
combination of images and words. But I don’t wanna spoil it for you.
<Dont forget to
turn on the lights before you leave.>

– Primer, the
Bonnet Macaque lab assistant 

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