Apes ‘N’ Capes 1

is a hairy hero in all of us. Like it or not, our DNA is
 hardwired that way.
Like the air we breathe, we share that DNA with our closest
primate relatives. Somewhere along that path, we lost the essence. Apes
n Capes is a
story that brings us together again.
            I didn’t
think that a comic called “Apes ’n’ Capes”
would make me cry. About a month ago,
I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Every day is a struggle between
crippling lows and ambitious highs. And that, my friends, is what Apes ’n’ Capes is all about.
            You aren’t
a dumb fat monkey in a tree, lying down and waiting to die. You evolved from a
complicated line of organic life that started before even MEMORY existed. You
know silver-back gorillas? Those aggressive punch machines that break zoo glass
for fun? You have 95 percent of their DNA in you.
            Scientists and other egg-heads
always say “mankind is at a turning point” this and “this is a critical time” that. But the truth is, every second you are alive is a
turning point. As far as we know, nothing else in this universe is alive.
Billions of stars with billions of planets, but so far this is the only one
with life on it.
bipolar, and you know what else is? Planet Earth. Being bipolar doesn’t
mean I’ll go whacko over a sandwich or
something (not anymore at least), it means I have a need to sort things into
good or bad. North and South. The North Pole, and the South Pole.
            Bipolar disorder can be harnessed to
do amazing things, but only if an orangutan in a cape kicks my ass and helps
            You can learn a lot just from
stepping back and appreciating nature. You can learn even more from
appreciating everything. Don’t let bears in board rooms take away
your soul.
PS: The art is just
as fantastic as the concept and writing. At first I thought “duh
black and white, cheapo comic alert”, but there is color when there needs
to be. Matt Rooke possess tremendous talent, each panel helping to carry
Grainne McEntee’s effortlessly fantastic words.
Read this
comic book!

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