Amalgama: Space Zombie 1 & 2

From the company that brought you wonders such as Zombie Tramp…You are one of the ones that likes to watch me do this, aren’t you? Let’s get on with it.

Amalgama: Space Zombie #1 and #2
Written by
Jason Martin
Illustrated by
Winston Young
Colored by
Geraldo Filho with Valentina Pucci
Edited by
Nicole D’Andria
Comedy Horror Scifi
Mature readers

Synopsis: Amalgama is a force of nature adrift in the cosmos… like a drop dead sexy apex predator in space. She’s a genetically engineered undead killing machine gone wild! The universe doesn’t stand a chance!!

Compared to other indie books, it’s an indie book.
Compared to the well written comics that I look for in retail this book falls short and just isn’t a buy.
“They say in space no one can hear you…scream.” It’s a cliche because they say it! Jason Martin’s script is weak and crusty. Your first job as a writer is to write. Your second job is to throw out all the dross beginning with cliches. First job of the editor, Nicole D’Andria, is to scrape off the crud layer that includes cliches.
The marketing tag line from ALIEN is now considered cliche. Naming the ship in issue #1 Ranger 3 is just sad. It isn’t good writing, good horror, or good comedy.
Amalgama is a zombie doll that transforms into the ultimate Mary Sue for any situation. At the end of two issues there is no storytelling in the action.
Art-wise this comic is centered around DCAU style characters and gives a misplaced kid-friendly appeal to the gore laden panels of issue #1. The use of swears is pegged at maximum and meaningless.
In the end, this is an Action Lab comic and it shouldn’t have left the middle-school notebook paper it started on.
Were there no letters on any page, the book would have been elevated in quality.
I give it one of five stars.

Look for it in your local comic shop or get it online.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.


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