Almost Human : Unbound

In the interests of full disclosure, yes a friend of a friend acted in the recent episode “Unbound”. I wish I could say it was the stunning Gina Carano as the XRN, but alas no, I cannot get you an introduction.

 I like this episode for several reasons. First we’re seeing the introduction of characters that will take the series beyond the confines of the routine of police cases. Partly because the episodes are apparently being aired out of order (no surprise there, it’s on Fox) there doesn’t seem to be much going on with regards to the attack that started the series off.

 This episode changes that by introducing two sides to a greater conflict that could engulf our heroes. John Larroquette is on one side as the creator of the DRN and XRN androids, and Leon Hanson on the other as a former political opponent whose actions led to the DRNs being removed from service…but despite their character’s initial introductions, I’m reserving judgement as to who is on which side. I think the writers are leaving just enough up in the air that it could go either way. Is Dr. Vaughn plotting bad things with his androids, or is he just misunderstood? Is Councilman Hart an innocent victim doing the right thing, or is there more going on that we’ll find out later? These are the stories that can take the series forward.

 The other reason I enjoyed this episode more than some of the others was the introduction of a suitable foil for Dorian’s capabilities. Heroes are only as good as the challenges they face, so it’s nice to see other advanced androids that go beyond the sterile MX drones. I get that they serve their purpose, but the bad guys need to be formidable and believable for our heroes to have something to overcome, otherwise we stop caring about them. The XRN serves that role nicely, so I’m hoping that they find a way to bring the character back. After all, the episode starts off with her coming back from the ‘dead’. More ass-kickery please.

 The possibility that our heroes will end up caught between three major factions, some of whom aren’t clearly ‘good’ or ‘bad’ yet leaves plenty of story opportunities for the foreseeable future.

So I’m impressed with the buildup and I’m still watching and waiting for more action and story development. I keep looking for news that Almost Human has been extended for more episodes, and with that, I’m off to catch up on the latest episode, Beholder.

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