All-New Fathom Vol. 6 #1-4

Dive back into the world of MICHAEL TURNER’S FATHOM in this great jumping-on point for new readers! ASPEN MATTHEW’S role in the brand new ASPEN UNIVERSE, spawning out of last summer’s mega-event, Aspen Universe: Revelations, is larger than ever! Now, the preeminent heroine must navigate the treacherous divide between the humans and her ancestral people of The Blue—as well as the surprises in store for both races in this all-new FATHOM landscape where anything is possible! Nearly two decades of the best-selling series created by superstar artist, the late Michael Turner, have culminated in this all-new FATHOM adventure by Aspen’s newest up-and-coming talents! Please join newcomers, writer Blake Northcott and artist Marco Renna, as they bring readers back under the surface into the world of The Blue, and everything you loved about FATHOM!

While I haven’t been a dedicated reader of this long running series by any stretch, it’s always interested me. I’ve always been looking for that right moment to try and get into it more steadily. Like they said above, the All-New Fathom Vol. 6 and its first four issues might just be that chance.

The powerful and beautiful Fathom begins this next volume retelling of her encounter with an equally powerful foe (definitely not as beautiful). Their fight may have begun deep underwater, but soon moved onto land, exposing them to the public. Using his rage as a distraction, Fathom gets them far away and traps him, but he poisons himself before she can learn anything. She brings his body to the Elite Council, where she confirms information she read in a book from her archaeologist friend Lara (yes, that Lara). Part of a split off group called the Typhos, those that remained after the wars were imprisoned. It appears that Fathom accidentally released more than just the one, and in fact was attacked by another at a comic event she was attending. This ends almost the same way, only this time her identity is announced to the world.

After being raided by an unknown government looking team, Fathom figures her underwater home of Muria is the safest place for her and her roommate Tyler to go. Eventually, it is decided that the girls must be moved and are relocated to the island of a human ally. Meanwhile, Cannon Hawke who serves as a sort of human/Blue diplomat looks to be helping the government prepare for more attacks. This apparently is not the case, as we see him later on working with the Typhos. Although the island hideaway seems like a relaxing paradise, Tyler is just not buying it. Fathom uses tech from a fallen Typhos to disguise herself as one and confirms this, as she knew their host was lying from the start. Unfortunately, she can’t do much about it Cannon has made his way to the island and knocks her out.

It’s never only the story that you look forward to when you pick up a Fathom book, or Aspen book in general. The likelihood of the artwork being gorgeous for one reason or another is very high, and this is no exception. The illustrations themselves are solid, the colors are luscious and bold, and the action is super fun to follow. With all of the cool moves Fathom can pull of across all the beautiful backgrounds, you enjoy looking at it just as much as reading.

I’m sure there are elements that would be easier to understand had I followed Fathom more closely up to this point. That being said though, this did work very well as a starting point for new folks and those with spotty recognition of the series. If you’ve been waiting for that golden opportunity as well, now’s a perfect time to dive right in.

For more information on Fathom or other Aspen titles, check out Aspen Comics.

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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