Aliens vs Zombies #1+2

When a meteor carrying the Zombie virus hits Earth it triggers the potential end of mankind. The last chance for humanity is the spacecraft full of Alien scientists tasked with tracking the interstellar virus. One that has wiped out many other planets.

In the first issue of this 5-issue mini-series, the virus has already infected every country on our planet. In the United States, the President has made the decision to initiate “Project Doomsday Protocol”. He orders his staff to get all “critical personnel to safety”, then burn the remainder of the population and country.

At a naval air base outside of Philadelphia, soldiers fight off a group of zombies and take to the skies in a B-52. However, unknown to the others, one of the men onboard has been infected with the virus. Meanwhile, the alien scientists –arriving in their spaceship—are also over Philadelphia, deploying global purge spheres in hopes of eradicating the virus and saving Earth. The infected airman attacks the rest of the crew, sending his aircraft plunging toward the alien ship. It is struck and breaks apart. The surviving scientists from outer space are now on Earth and confronted by a horde of merciless zombies. TO BE CONTNUED…

I like Brusha’s idea of having aliens be the saviors of the human race. The dialog between characters is very limited, but effective. The story relies a lot on Riccardi’s artwork to drive the story, and he does an excellent job with the action sequences. His rendering of the alien spacecraft is masterful. The splash page that introduces the alien crew is also exceptionally well done by the artist.

Zombie stories are “en vogue” right now. This one –combining both space aliens AND zombies – is well worth the read!

The second issue finds the aliens escaping the zombies. The “Cure” cannot be initiated by the aliens because their ship has been damaged and the transmitter dish needs to be recovered. Things get weird when an unsavory group of diamond thieves becomes the alien’s best hope for success. When the alien commander locates the missing dish on her tracker, one of the thugs recognizes the location as a cemetery…one that is inhabited by zombies! TO BE CONTINUED…

After reading the first issue, I really had high hopes for this mini-series. But –I have to admit –I didn’t care for the introduction of the criminals. I have no vested interest or empathy for these characters. I thought they tended to slow down the story’s progress, and take the focus away from the aliens and zombies.

The artwork remains very strong, and is the best part of the second issue. Riccardi does a great job of drawing expressive faces…whether the faces belong to aliens, zombies, or humans. His splash page of the planet Shimera is almost Kirby-esque in its detail, which is high praise.

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