Aerobicide The Extreme Ninja Workout #1

Aerobicide Extreme Ninja Workout #1 Cover

This comic aims to be the totally rad ripoff of all those direct to video VHS tapes your mom has stashed in the closet and has never played.

Aerobicide The Extreme Ninja Workout #1
Written by Terry Parr and Halo Sama
Illustrated by Terry Parr
Lettered by Terry Parr
Colored by Halo Sama
Flats by Celina Hernandez
Edited by Halo Sama and David Doub
Published by Shonuff Studios (

Synopsis: It is the 1980s. Venice Beach has been taken over by Weight lifting gangs, Yuppies and evil ninjas. An 18 year old dance instructor, Sheri Ken, has inherited the skill of a ninja by the way of ancient chants on a cassette containing Heavy Metal music. She must use her ninja skill to annihilate any foe who threatens her dance studio and to make it in time for her next Hollywood audition.

Aerobicide The Extreme Ninja Workout #1 sets out to parody every trope that is bad and overdone in old eighties pop culture. This grew out of a successful kickstarter.

And this is the warning that the book opens with.

The comedy is there, intentionally badly written, just like 80’s pop videos. Terry’s structure is right, but I don’t finish wanting a second book.

Production values are low in this book. It is a negligible on an indie table but placed next to any book on the rack you will probably pass.

Surprisingly, there are two writers, two colorists, and two editors. Why no inker? Some books can pull pencil direct to color. My book couldn’t and I’m afraid this one’s art underperforms, if only just.

The colors are flawed. If you zoom in on the panels you see clear brush strokes and missed shapes.

With all that muscle, I expected more quality. Specifically with two editors, even indie comics need to land on the doorstep with quality that prevents the line “Hold up! When you told us to get grab this chick.” Am I wrong to think the crew raised 5G’s and snorted cocaine with it?

This is a good, first indie comic. With that in mind I’m envious of Terry’s Kickstarter Fu but I would pass on the book.

I’m giving it 2½ of 5 stars.

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Lonnie Webb

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review. All thoughts, comments, and opinions are those of the individual reviewer.

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