Adam Beechen, Paige Braddock, Joe Corroney, Phil Hester, Brian and Kristy Miller, Todd Nauck, Brian Pulido and Andy Runton to Join PHXCC 2014

Phoenix Comicon is proud to announce
that comic book artists Adam Beechen, Paige Braddock, Joe Corroney, Phil
Hester, Brian and Kristy Miller, Todd Nauck, Brian Pulido and Andy Runton will
be attending Comicon 2014.
“At Phoenix Comicon, we can never have
enough comics guests and we are very excited about the large number that will
be here for 2014,” says Convention Director Matt Sorberg.
Adam Beechen is an American comic book writer best known for
writing Countdown to Adventure.
Beechen has written scripts for various cartoons, such as Teen
, Rugrats, The Batman and Pink Panther and Pals.
For comics, Beechen has wrote several Rugrats and Rocket Power
comic strips for Nickelodeon Magazine and scripts for Teen Titans Go!
And Justice League Unlimited for DC Comics.
Paige Braddock is a comic book artist and creator best known
for the long-standing comic, “Jane’s World.” In 2006, “Jane’s World” received
an Eisner Award nomination for best humor book. Now distributed by Universal
Press Syndicate, daily installments of “Jane’s World” appear on GoComics
website. There are currently 10 volumes of “Jane’s World” in print. Paige also
co-created the graphic novel series The Martian Confederacy. Currently,
Braddock is the Creative Director at Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates.
Joe Corroney is an illustrator who is best known for
providing Lucasfilm Ltd. With official Star Wars artwork for related books,
games, trading cards and magazines since 1996. He has also developed his
creator owned comic book series, Death Avenger. Currently, he is creating
new Star Wars artwork for Lucasfilm and Star Wars Insider.
Phil Hester is an American comic book artist, penciller and
writer best known his work on The Wretch and Green Arrow. His
pencilling credits also include Swamp
Thing, Brave New World, Flinch, Ultimate Marvel Team-Up, Clerks: The Lost Scene
and Aliens: Purge. For his work
on The Wretch, Hester was nominated for an Eisner Award for Best New
Series in 1997. Hester is currently writing the new adventures of Golden Age
hero The Black Terror.
Brian and Kristy Miller are best known for their work on
Hi-Fi Color for Comics and Master Digital Color. Brian is a comic book
colorist, founder of Hi-Fi colour design. Kristy is the VP of Development at
Hi-Fi colour design.  Both Brian and
Kristy are co-authors of Hi-Fi Color for Comics and Master Digital Color from
Impact Books.
Todd Nauck is an American comic book artist and writer best
known for his work on Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Young Justice
and his own creation, Wildguard. While working for DC Comics, Nauck
helped launch the Young Justice series and drew 53 issues of the 55
issue run of the series. Nauck’s art was featured in the eighth season finale
of the reality television show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in 2011.
Brian Pulido is a creator, writer and producer of comic
books and films and is best known for his work on comics Lady Death and A
Nightmare on Elm Street
. For his film work, Pulido created, produced and
wrote the story for ADV Films’ animated feature, Lady Death: The Movie.
He wrote, produced and directed the short horror film, There’s Something Out
. He also wrote and directed the film The Graves, which was
released in 2009. His current comics work for Texas Chain Saw Massacre
was nominated as Best Screen-to-Comic Adaptation on the TV Scream Awards from
Avatar Press.
Andy Runton is the creator of the
graphic novel series, Owly. First published in 2005, the reflection on
wildlife series, Owly would helo Runton win the Ignatz Award for
Promising New Tablet, also in 2005. His work was also nominated for “Best
Publication for a Younger Audience” in Esiner Awards in 2006, which he
would win.
Phoenix Comicon is the signature pop
culture experience of the southwest. Comicon is presenting guests and
programming for hobbyists by attracting the top segments of the comics, anime,
sci-fi, film, tv, and gaming industries. Entering its twelfth year, Phoenix
Comicon is expected to draw over 65,000 attendees to its June 5-8, 2014
convention held at the Phoenix Convention Center and Hyatt Regency in Downtown

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