Action Lab Creates Waves at C2E2

Over the past two years Action Lab
Entertainment has made remarkable strides as a small comic book publisher.  The company has gone from it’s first
published work to its first Eisner nomination and on to its first major license
(announcing an NFL RushZone comic earlier this year).
However, as they made clear
at their first ever appearance at the Diamond Retailer Summit at C2E2 this
week, this is only the beginning.  Action
Lab announced that it will be making some big moves in working to become one of
the premier publishers of both creator-owned and licensed comics.
The first and most striking
of Action Lab’s announcements concerns all of its ongoing series.  All of Action Lab’s ongoing books –
starting with the books listed in June’s Previews – will be offered at $2.99
instead of their previous standard $3.99. 
Not only that, but they will now be a regular standard of 32
.  Better yet, their NFL
RushZone books will now be available twice monthly and with 20 pages for $1.99
Additionally, beginning with
Jamal Igle’s Molly Danger (in the current previews, available in July), Action
Lab will be offering a number of 48 page oversized European style hardcovers at
$19.99.  This is coming right on the
heels of the release of our first preview of Molly Danger alongside their
breakout hit Princeless in their Free Comic Book Day release.
Perhaps even more impressive
is that this month marks the launch of Action Lab’s new mature readers line
Action Lab: Danger Zone.  This launch
will be approximately doubling the size of their monthly catalog and will
include a variety of books including: 
Ehmm Theory (where a dead man and his talking cat are tasked by St.
Peter with a number of insane missions – including fighting zombie circus
clowns), The Final Plague (an infestation of undead animals), Ghost Town (a
tale of time-travel and terrorism), and Night of the 80’s Undead (a mashup of
John Hughes type romance and George Romero type horror).
With all these announcements
and this month’s return of Princeless to the stands, this year looks to be the
strongest one yet for Action Lab.  And
thanks to the launch of their Retailer Network, all retailers can contact them
directly to learn about everything they have upcoming by reaching out to
coordinator Jeremy Whitley

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